Attractive Hand Tattoos Recommendation

Although the idea of ​​having a tattoo that will be with you for life may seem crazy to most people, hand tattoos continue to increase their popularity in this field. Getting a tattoo on the hand area is a bit more difficult because it has bone structures and a rough surface compared to other body areas. Despite all these difficulties, it is one of the most beautiful areas on your body where you will get a tattoo. Here is an interesting hand tattoo recommendation for you from Tattoo Markt!

What are Hand Tattoos?

Tattoos made on the hand area with black or colored tattoo ink are called hand tattoos. Remember that you should not rush before getting a tattoo, as the hand tattoo models you want to get will be found in a very conspicuous place. As a tattoo area, hand tattoo designs are quite diverse. It is also one of the most suitable tattoo areas for your tattoo to draw attention to.

Do Hand Tattoos Hurt?

Because the hands are bony and covered with a thin layer of skin, they are one of the most painful tattoo areas when getting a tattoo. The hands are also home to a high concentration of sensory nerves that control our perception of pain. These sensory nerves, combined with thin skin and a small amount of subcutaneous fat, make for a more painful tattooing experience. While it may seem like a guarantee that you will experience pain during hand tattooing, there are some factors that can reduce your pain.

Hand Tattoo Size

The size of the tattoo model you want to make can make your pain last short. Since hand tattoos are a very painful experience, people who will usually get tattoos prefer minimal tattoo models for hand tattoos. “I can never stand to suffer!” If you say so, you should definitely examine the minimal tattoo models. Making a minimal tattoo model will cut your pain in half.

Location of Hand Tattoo

If there’s anything more pain-reducing than tattoo size, it’s tattoo location. The most painful part of hand tattoos is the finger part. The closer the tattoo model is to the fingers, the more pain you will feel. When you approach your hand towards the fingers, the sensory nerves gradually increase and intensify the feeling of pain. For this reason, you can reduce your feeling of pain more by getting a tattoo in the middle of your hand instead of close to your fingers.

Hand Tattoo Duration

Another factor that reduces the amount of pain you will feel during the tattoo process is time. Hand tattoos are usually not very large and take longer to tattoo on hands than similar sized designs placed elsewhere. Keep in mind that hand tattoos require more precision and revision than tattoos in other areas.

Hand Tattoos Care Advice

As with most tattoos, you need to keep the tattoo area clean and prevent it from drying out too much. For this reason, you should constantly moisturize your hands and keep your hands clean to avoid any problems. Since hand tattoos come into direct contact with the sun, do not forget to use sunscreen to protect your tattoo. In addition, you may need to have your tattoo retouched after your hand tattoo has healed. Tattoo artists generally do not retouch hand tattoos for free and do not take any responsibility for premature wear or fading, especially on hand tattoos. In fact, your hand tattoo may need to be retouched several times during the first year for it to look its best. The frequency of this retouching depends on how well the tattoo heals, whether the tattoo design has been exposed to wear or various factors. If you want your hand tattoo to retain its beauty for the rest of your life, you may want to consider getting a few touch-ups a year. So don’t forget to budget for retouching your tattoo care routine!

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Hand Tattoos Models

Hand tattoos have endless ideas of tattoo designs. Some tattoo lovers opt for traditional, old-fashioned designs. Others choose fluid or minimal tattoos that create effects on movement, such as dots or waves. These types of tattoos are very artistic and add a spiritual touch to the hands.

Side Hand Tattoo

If you are not ready to cover your whole hand, the side hand tattoo is for you! It is one of the most elegant and beautiful positions for your side hand tattoo. Also, be careful to avoid tattoo models that contain too much detail, as the tattoo you will get in this location may wear down over time.

Bracelet Hand Tattoo

Bracelet hand tattoos will make you feel like you’re always wearing a piece of jewelery with you wherever you go. Bracelet tattoos, which are one of the most perfect tattoo areas for delicate and complex designs, are very popular lately.

Joint Hand Tattoo

Whether it’s a custom ring finger tattoo, a small tattoo on the knuckles, or a larger piece that covers the entire hand, the options for tattoo designs on the knuckle are endless. Remember that you can use each of your joints as a canvas!

Palm Hand Tattoo

There are some serious things to know before getting a tattoo on the palm of your hand, so you shouldn’t make a decision on a whim. The skin in this area regenerates faster than anywhere else, meaning that your tattoo will fade much sooner than on other parts of your hand. So, if you want a palm hand tattoo, be prepared for the retouching sessions needed to maintain the condition of your design.

Hand Tattoo Suggestions

After the face and neck area, the hands are the second most visible place for tattooing. This means giving more consideration to your choice of a tattoo artist. The tattoo artist you choose should have a lot of experience, confidence and knowledge on how to tattoo hands. If you don’t know how to find a tattoo artist, you can find the best tattoo artist for your budget and yourself on the home page of Tattoo Markt!

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