Best Handheld Tattoo Models

Every person may want to get a tattoo from time to time or think about getting a tattoo. Some implement it immediately, but others postpone getting a tattoo because they can’t decide what to do. If you also want to get a tattoo, but can’t decide what to get a tattoo, we offer you the best hand tattoo models for you.

What is Hand Tattoo?

On the hand tattoo is called the person’s choosing the desired model tattoo on his hand and getting it done. The person chooses the image or text that he wants, likes or means something to him, and gets this tattoo done. Hand tattoos can be made in many different variations. You can directly cover your hand, or you can also have small symbols made on your fingers. We can say that hand tattoos are very popular especially recently. It is an undeniable fact that it looks more assertive visually. Some people prefer to have their tattoos done on areas they do not see all the time. Some people, on the contrary, want to see their tattoos every day. Especially if the tattoo he has made has a meaning for the person, he will want the area where he has the tattoo made to be visible.

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Does Hand Tattoo Hurt?

First of all, we want to say that every tattoo will hurt you. However, the amount and amount of tattoo pain varies from area to area where you choose to get the tattoo done. Everyone has heard from at least one person saying that the area hurts so much that they don’t get a tattoo there or that area doesn’t hurt at all. These words may even have discouraged some people from the area they want tattooed. To give more accurate information, the areas where the tattoo hurts the most are the areas with the least fat and the most nerve endings. Also, if you have thin skin and your bones are prominent, these areas will also hurt a lot. If we talk about the hand tattoo, the level of pain will differ depending on which part of your hand you have the tattoo done on the hand. Hands and fingers are preferred areas for tattooing. However, since these areas have bone under the skin tissue, you may feel pain when getting a tattoo on your hand or finger. There are many nerve endings in these areas. For example, the most pain is felt in the palm-hand area.

Is Hand Tattoo Permanent?

It cannot be said that getting a tattoo on the hand area is highly recommended by tattooists. The reasons for this are that the tattoo made on the hand area may have consequences such as not holding, discoloration or throwing. Since the hand area is dry and hard in structure, it dries faster than other areas. At the same time, we can say that the hand area dries faster since it is an area that we use constantly during the day and is easy to contact with hot or cold weather. However, we would like to state that the number of people who have tattoos on their hands is not less. If you still want to get a tattoo on your hand, you should consider these factors first. Afterwards, you should be careful to keep your hands as moist as possible and to do the necessary hand care. You should care for 15-30 minutes in the morning and evening. You should pay attention to keep your hands moist enough. If all these conditions are met, if the tattoo you have made does not work, you can have the first tattoo image by retouching it.

Hand Tattoo Care and Protection

It is not enough for a good tattoo artist to maintain the appearance of the tattoo on the first day. The care after tattooing ensures that the color of the tattoo remains vibrant and bright. Tattoo care begins immediately after getting the tattoo done.

  1. The first thing you need to pay attention to is to keep your hands clean. You must be sterile as you will be touching the tattoo. Take care to use care creams. In this way, your tattoo will heal in a shorter time. Be careful not to overuse the cream.
  2. Make sure that the area where you have the tattoo is not in contact with the sun. It has been observed that the color of the tattoos, which are in contact with the sun for a long time, fade.
  3. A winter tattoo will be a good choice for your protection from the sun.

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What Should Be Considered Before Getting a Tattoo?

If you have decided that you want to have the tattoo that you have been thinking about for a long time and now you want to get a tattoo, we would like to prepare you by giving some information about what you should pay attention to before getting a tattoo.

  1. For 3 days after getting the tattoo, we should point out that the area where you have the tattoo should not come into contact with water. That’s why you should do the necessary maintenance before getting a tattoo.
  2. Think ahead of time about the tattoo you want to get. We don’t want you to regret later.
  3. When it’s your date, go to the studio with someone who makes you feel good.
  4. On the day you go to have the procedure, make sure that your energy is high and your stomach is full. Postpone your appointment if you are sleepy and tired. The decrease in your body resistance will cause you to feel more.

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