Next Generation Tattoo Art: Vegan Tattoo Models

In the last few years, vegan tattoo models have become quite a phenomenon all over the world. People who turned veganism into a lifestyle started to live by changing their lifestyles. This trend, which has become popular recently, has revealed vegan tattoo models in tattoo art!

Difference Between Vegan Tattoo Models and Traditional Tattoos

As the name suggests, vegan tattoos do not have animal products involved in any part of the tattoo experience. The ink in traditional tattoos has animal elements such as glycerine. Glycerin, which is mostly used as a stabilizer, is an animal fat. Also, some black inks have bone char, which can be found in the form of pigmentation. The real problem, however, comes from the equipment and care products used in the tattooing process, and the stencil papers made with lanolin, a substance usually derived from sheep’s wool. Many recommended grooming products and even disposable razors provided by the tattoo studio are also not vegan because razor strips and grooming soaps may contain animal-derived glycerin. The good news is that there are many vegan-friendly alternatives that are affordable and easily accessible! When it comes to vegan tattoo studios, you have exactly the same materials and the same procedures. The only difference between vegan tattoo studios and traditional tattoo studios is that the products used do not contain substances that directly cause pain to animals. All its compounds are plant-based.

Is Vegan Tattoo Ink Safer?

It is not known for certain that vegan tattoo inks are safer than traditional tattoo inks, but there is ongoing debate about this situation. Some people claim that vegan ink is better and will help the tattoo heal faster. However, these claims have not been supported by science. It is important to keep in mind that vegan tattoo inks are safe and will not harm your skin any more than a regular tattoo. They do not contain carcinogenic chemicals or any similar component.

Vegan Tattoo Care

Vegan tattoo care is no different from traditional tattoo care. After getting a vegan tattoo, you need to clean and moisturize the area for a while until the tattoo heals. Fortunately, you have full control over what products you use to do this. When choosing the products you will care for, be sure to check the content. Some tattoo care products may contain lanolin and beeswax.

Is Vegan Tattoo Ink Solar Immediately?

Whether your tattoo is vegan or not, it can stay on your body for life. Sometimes, tattoos may fade after a while due to reasons such as the ink of the tattoo and its location. By applying the right care tactics, you can protect your tattoo for a long time. In this case, an excellent plant-based sunscreen can work. Vegan tattoo ink does not fade as quickly as animal-based inks. Remember that the durability of the tattoo depends on the choice of tattoo ink! Before getting a vegan tattoo, it’s important to ask any questions you have with your tattoo studio. Make sure your tattoo studio uses completely vegan products. If you have a vegan lifestyle and want to get a tattoo, vegan tattoo models are for you! You may be interested in: UV Tattoo Guide – Everything You Need to Know

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